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Degree Programs


A Bachelor of Theology or Bachelor of Bible Languages will be awarded to those students who have satisfactorily completed the required courses consisting of 120 semester hours with a grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.5.


A Master of Biblical Languages or a Master of Theology will be awarded to those students who have earned a Bachelor level degree and have satisfactorily completed 150 semester hours, in addition to all other requirements. The student must have finished his Bachelor Program with a GPA of 3.0 or better to qualify for the Master Program. The student must have also maintained and average of 3.0 or better during the Master Program.


The Doctoral Program at NABI is designed for students who have satisfactorily completed the Master Program. In order to qualify as a doctoral candidate, one must be nominated by the faculty and approved by Heritage Missionary Baptist Church. The candidate must be a pastor of a church of like faith and order with the American Baptist Association. The student must do extensive research under the guidance of the faculty and submit an acceptable thesis of at least 50,000 words. The student must draw from and quote no less than 25 references.


Grading and Requirements


All students and teachers must make it a point to be at all lectures, Bible conferences, and school closings unless providentially hindered, at the discretion of the president. This will be part of the student's final grade. Class attendance is required. A student who misses a class, arrives late or leaves early will receive a grade of "zero" for the day. Make up work is required. The student is responsible to ask the instructor(s) for make up work. Each absence must be approved or denied by the Chancellor. After the third unapproved absence, the student may be dismissed from the Institute with a failing grade.


All Bachelor and Master Theses must have a Bible subject approved by the President. This subject must be submitted for approval to the Dean by an assigned date during the graduate year. Upon approval by the Dean and President, the student then has until one month prior to graduation to complete the thesis and submit it for grading. All theses must be in the correct format as given in the Composition Course in the curriculum at NABI. All theses must be approved by Heritage Missionary Baptist Church.

The length of the Bachelor Thesis is 15,000 words and at least 12 resources. The length of the Master Thesis is 25,000 words with 25 resources. Progress reports must be made to the Dean periodically as determined.


Examinations are given approximately every six weeks. Each instructor is at liberty to give daily quizzes, tests, or research themes as he chooses. Any assignment not turned in the day it is due will lose five points a day until it is submitted to the instructor. There will be a final exam given in every class at the close of the school term. No finals may be taken before the scheduled date.


The following standard is used in all courses to determine the grades on all tests, examinations, themes, graded work, and final grades.

95-100 A Excellent 4.0 GPA

85-94 B Good 3.0 GPA

75-84 C Average 2.0 GPA

70-74 D Below Average 1.0 GPA

0-69 F Fail 0 GPA

Any student who is not maintaining at least a 2.0 GPA should speak with the class instructor or with the Dean if it is an overall problem.


Student Guidelines


Each student is responsible for meeting all degree and graduation requirements specified in the Catalog for the year of his or her admission. Attendance at NABI is a privilege and not a right. One forfeits this privilege when he or she does not participate as a student within the standards and ideals of this institution. NABI reserves the right to withdraw any student that does not meet this standard.

NABI fellowships with the churches of the American Baptist Association. We are a non-profit school and are supported solely by the Lord's churches. Each student is to keep a copy of his certificates of completion in case there is any discrepancy in records.

NABI Guidelines

It is a privilege, not a right, to be a student at Northwest Alabama Baptist Institute. Thus, this school has certain guidelines established according to the guidelines set up by Heritage Missionary Baptist Church. These guidelines are in line with the Doctrinal Statement published on this website and in the Student Catalog.

1. All perspective students must have a GED or high school diploma (or in the process of attaining one) to pursue a degree program.

2. Only those preachers who hold to the Doctrinal Statement provided in the school's Catalog and who maintain at least a 3.0 GPA may be allowed to pursue the doctorate program.

3. This school and her sponsoring church believe that God has only called men to preach the gospel according to I Timothy 3:1-7.

4. Since we are a non-profit and non-secular religious school and are not receiving any funds other than from local churches, we have the right to accept or reject any application for any reason.

5. This school does not exclude any natural male or female regardless of race, creed, color, or national origin from enrolling.

6. Women may pursue any of the non-ministerial diplomas that are described in the Catalog, however, the ministerial degree programs are reserved for Baptist preachers (see #3 above) of like faith and order.

7. The faculty at NABI understand that there are varying opinions and beliefs concerning certain Bible doctrines. While each person is entitled to his or her opinion, that opinion may not be used in a disrespectful or argumentative manner, as determined by NABI faculty and staff.

8. Any student who leads in a rebellious action against the teachings of this school or encourages others to do so will be asked to leave the school immediately.

9. The State of Alabama has issued to NABI licensure to award a non-secular religious degree.

Any student who conducts himself in a manner unbecoming to a Christian will be dismissed. This will be determined by Heritage Missionary Baptist Church.